I truly have no words to express how grateful we are for everything you did before/during ___’s birth. You were like my own personal Doula-Angel sent to give me strength and confidence. Because of you, I can look back on ____’s birth with nothing but positive thoughts. I am so grateful.
— Alyssa Stutz
Our entire experience with Val was so special. I felt respected and understood and cared for by her. She’s knowledgeable and experienced. She was supportive and responsive and available in the days leading up to the birth as well as throughout the time I was in labor at home, which brought us so much comfort. Her nature is calming and nurturing, and we felt that in every minute with her. During the labor, she was just what we needed – there consistently so that we felt her presence and benefited from her suggestions, but also stepped out at moments that she correctly discerned would be nice for us to have just the two of us. When our baby was less than a day old, we were already saying to each other that we couldn’t imagine that birth or any future births happening without Val there.
— Kate Mills
I am still in a spirit of worship since our class yesterday. I never knew how powerful it is to allow the things I believe in my mind to bless my body as well. Thank you, dear sister!
— Corine Brennan