What is Included with a Doula Contract?

What You Can Expect:  

  • 2 Prenatal Visits:  One is usually utilized for Birth Plan Composition/Questions, the other can be for any purpose that arises.

  • 1 Private Yoga/Birth Prep Class:  This class can be a chance for mom to work on something specific with her yoga practice and breathwork as she prepares for birth or to have mom and dad practice comfort measures and labor positions. 

  • Support for YOUR birth:  Natural, cesarean, epidural, home, hospital...  I am there to support YOU and your birth wishes.

  • Assistance with:  Making informed decisions, birth plan, comfort measures, use of gravity, recommending other professionals to assist in achieving a healthy and happy birth for baby and mama.

  • After:  At least one hour after birth to assist with latch, get mama fed, stand in awe, take photos-whatever you'd like to use that time for.  A postnatal visit will follow at your convenience to see how everyone is doing and to help process your experience.

  • Options:  Services (added private sessions, custom essential oil mama blend, etc.) can be added for very reasonable additional fees.  It is my very special intention that you feel cared for and supported in every way that I am capable of providing.