My husband and I awaiting baby #2 *Photo by Jade Newkirk

My husband and I awaiting baby #2
*Photo by Jade Newkirk


Yield to Grace:  Labor Doula 

Hello and welcome!  Here is a little bit of my story and how I became a doula.

 I became very interested in birth after my first was born by cesarean.  This experience opened my eyes to see that there was so much I did not know (knowledge) and there was so much that I did know (instinct) but did not trust in.   

When I became pregnant with my second, I committed to giving my all towards a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Although I wanted this result with all of my heart, I also remembered how traumatic it had been the first time to face a different outcome without preparation.  So, I did my best to make peace with knowing I had done as much as could be done to achieve what I hoped for but in the end I would do whatever was medically necessary should that outcome be different.  I was very blessed to have been able to deliver my son in what is termed a "physiological" birth.  I had doulas present for both of my births and there is no way I can imagine not having them there.  They were instrumental in preparing for birth, the birth itself, and (later) processing my experiences.  

Afterwards I found myself being very much an unofficial doula to many friends-answering texts, phone calls, referring to research articles, and birth professionals.  In 2014 I completed training with Contemporary Doula International and from the very beginning, it felt as if I was very much at home.  

Meeting with both parents is absolutely one of my favorite parts of the process.  The feedback I've received is that parents feel much more prepared for the welcoming of their child.  I use this opportunity to share with parents what choices they will face along with their birth so that they feel they have been given the time to adequately process and make those choices as they feel best.

Guiding mothers into the space of trusting in their bodies, their instincts, and the Greater Power at work in the miracle taking place is a huge factor in how I help mothers to prepare for labor.  As I enter a space where new life is making its way earthside, I enter with prayer and reverence because it is indeed Holy Ground.


Blessings & Grace!!